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Prepare My PIP Report

The following information will assist claimants with mental health conditions such as Addictions Problems / Depression / Stress / Anxiety / Personality Disorders etc. to claim financial support through the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) Personal Independence Programme (PIP).

We may be able to help you by assessing your need and supporting your application where appropriate. The information is designed to promote the legitimate take up of benefits to claimants who otherwise might not receive the levels of support they require from health professionals.

This service which is designed to maximise your social security benefits we make a small charge of £75.00 per case to cover our costs of assessing your needs and preparing professional reports for you to send to the DWP. We emphasize that we cannot guarantee any success in PIP being awarded. All our reports will be based entirely on the evidence that they reveal and the interpretation of our health professionals who will at all times follow their professional code of conduct.

We strongly recommend that potential claimants should contact your nearest specialist Advice Centre – such as a Citizens Advice Bureau / Centre, Law Centre, Disability Rights Service, Carers’ Group, Local Authority Welfare Rights Agency, Local Authority Adult Services etc. for advice on how to complete the PIP Application form.

Apply for our special customised Report and Assessment:
If you are interested in receiving our help and support please contact us by telephone on 0800 140 4044 or send us an e-mail to We will then contact you by telephone and explain how we might be able to help you. We will conduct interviews with you over the telephone and we will request that you complete a series of online questionnaires to compile the information that we will need to prepare reports on your behalf. If you need help with completing the questionaries we will assist you in this process. When we have received all this information we will be in a position for one of our healthcare professionals to prepare full reports that you will be able to send to the DWP to provide evidence of your need for Personal Independence Payments.

Online Forms to be completed by you

Assessment for Disorders such as:
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Paranoia, AntiSocial, Schhizoid, Narcisstic, Dependent, Schizotypal, Borderline, Avoidant, Histrionic.

If you require more help in understanding the details of the PIP Scheme please Click Here.

We also offer a range of treatments such a medical detox and therapy sessions to clients with our Accredited Counsellors, Medical Doctors and Health Professionals.