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This website has been launched by a group of Health Professionals including Medical Doctors, Nurses, Accredited Counsellors, Graduate Psychologists and Mental Health Support Workers who currently work in a variety of health and third sector agencies including Addictions UK – the leading provider of home-based addictions treatment in the United Kingdom.

Who can claim personal independence payment?

To be able to make a claim for PIP, the person has to satisfy some basic conditions:

  • Be over 16 and under 65 (with some exceptions if they are being transferred from DLA) and have a condition which affects their daily living or mobility
  • Not have any Immigration or residency restrictions (Ask for more information during the initial claim telephone call if you need help)

PIP is not taxable or means tested and there are no National Insurance conditions. It is paid to the person, if they qualify, whether they are in or out of work.

There is a standard or an enhanced rate of payment available within the Daily Living component and Mobility component. You can be paid one of these rates for one or both sections, depending on the nature of your difficulties. Please check https://www.gov. uk/pip/overview for more information on the amount for each rate.