We are a specialist agency that can write reports for you to help you receive PIP (Personal Independence Payments). We have lots of experience in helping claimants to receive their rightful entitlement. We recommend that before you apply for PIP that you contact us to discuss how We can help. Spending a small amount of money getting this help might help to establish your lawful claim to the DWP.

This website which has been launched to publicise the availability of assistance that can be paid by the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) to assist people with some extra costs caused by long term ill-health or disability if you are aged between 16-64. This website has been launched by a group of Health Professionals including Medical Doctors, Nurses, Accredited Counsellors, Graduate Psychologists and Mental Health Support Workers who currently work in a variety of health and third sector agencies including Addictions UK – the leading provider of home-based addictions treatment in the United Kingdom.

How we can help?

This website offers assistance from our Independent Health Professionals in preparing an independent assessment as to your current need which we will prepare on your behalf. This will assist you to establish your claim for assistance from the DWP. We offer a specialist and detailed report writing service which we will prepare and send to you to support your own application for PIP to the DWP. We will conduct telephone interviews with you and request that you to complete several detailed health questionnaires – which you can do on line or with our help over the telephone. The completed reports will be sent to you with our assessment and recommendation and you may send the reports with your PIP Application form to the DWP for their consideration.

It is essential that your application to the DWP for PIP is clearly written and comprehensive and that you describe your difficulties and needs based on your overall requirements – including those on a bad day.

The DWP Commission Private Companies like ATOS and CAPITA to prepare Health Assessment Reports on the condition of the applicant – You too should do the same. A well written professional report may be of great assistance to you. We can often provide evidence that can be the difference between your success and failure.

If you would like to receive our help and assistance please contact us here or telephone our PIP HELPLINE on 0800 1 40 40 44. You may contact us here or send us an e-mail on pip@addictionsuk.com