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What is PIP?

"Personal independence Payment" - PIP is a new benefit for people who have long term physical disabilities or mental illness. It replaces disability living allowance (DLA) for people aged 16 or over and under 65. Like DLA, you do not need to have paid national insurance contributions to get it and it is not taxable.

You could get between £22.80 and £139.75 per week.

The rate depends on how your condition affects you, not the condition itself.

You will need an assessment to work out the level of help that you can get. Your rate will be regularly re-assessed to make sure you are getting the right support.

How we can help?

This website offers assistance from our Independent Health Professionals in preparing an independent assessment as to your current need which we will prepare on your behalf. This will assist you to establish your claim for assistance from the DWP. If you elect to receive our full reports then we will send them to you and you may wish to use some of the information in your original application. It is essential that your application to the DWP for PIP is clearly written and comprehensive..

If you would like to receive our help and assistance please contact us here or telephone our PIP HELPLINE on 0800 1 40 40 44. You may send us an e-mail on or text us on 56789 from your mobile telephone.

Is PIP restricted to physical needs only?

No! - PIP may be paid to people with mental health issues such as people who have a chronic addiction problem to drugs and or alcohol. People experiencing from mental health conditions such as depression, stress, anxieties, personality disorders and other mental health issues may well qualify for financial support. If you need help to assist your Independent Living you should consider making an application for additional money to meet your essential costs.

How to apply to the DWP for your PIP Claim?

Claims to PIP are started over the phone by calling the PIP new claims number 0800 917 2222 (Text phone: 0800 917 7777). Once the claim has been registered, DWP will send the claimant a 'How your disability affects you' (PIP2) form for completion, together with an information booklet. The DWP are open on Monday to Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. You will need to supply your date of birth, your NI Number, Your bank account number and sort code,, Doctor or Health Workers name, Details of any time spent abroad, in hospital or a care home. You may wish to give our name too if we are helping you with your claim by providing reports.

Then please telephone us on Freephone 0800 1 40 40 44 and we will alert you to the questions that the DWP will ask you when you contact them.

Helping you to Help yourself

It is not what you physically can do – It is what “Your Head” will not allow you to do” … Get Help to Help yourself! Statistics show that evidence from Health Professionals and clearly written PIP application forms will increase your chance of receiving help from the DWP / PIP Scheme. You may wish to ask for assistance from a close friend or relative to ensure that all the issues which you face are included in the PIP application form. A local advice centre or charitable organisation may also be able to help you write your application. Please feel free to telephone us on our Freephone Number to discuss whether we can assist you. 0800 1 40 4044